Centre for Advanced Bioenergy Research


Patents ( 2013-2017)

1. A process of biomass pretreatment for cellulose enrichment: With attorney (2016)

2. Production of Fermentable Sugars from Lignocellulose Biomass

3. Method of Enriching the Cellulose in Biomass for Improved Sugar Recovery, June 2016

4. A Formulation and Process for Bio-hydrogen production, Feb 2016 (India)

5. Thraustochytrid based processing of waste effluents, Feb 2016 ( India, Europe, USA & Japan)

6. Method Of Pretreatment For Enhanced Enzymatic Hydrolysis, November 2015

7. Method for producing readily hydrolysable polysaccharides from Lignocellulosic biomass, April 2014

8. A Method Of Preparing Fermentable Sugars From Biomass Resources, Nov, 2013

Book Chapters

Ruchi Agrawal, Jitendra K Saini, Alok Satlewal, Anshu Mathur, Deepak K Tuli, Mukund Adsul (2015).  Indian Biofuel Progress, GHG emission and GHG savings by biofuels: Comparative assessment with world. Book title: Sustainable Biofuels Development in India. Indian Biofuel progress, edited by Anuj K Chandel and Rajiv Sukumaran. Springer (Accepted)