Centre for Advanced Bioenergy Research

Major Initiatives

Development of new and economical pre-treatment process for development of indigenous technology for cotton stalk, rice straw and scale up to commercial scale.
Advanced characterization of biomass.

Intensive research activities initiated in areas of Biomass saccharification, Enzymes development and recycling, improved C6 fermentation, Heterotrophic lipid production, Algal cultivation, Biohydrogen and Gas Fermentation.

Significant leads have been obtained in lipid production using Heterotrophic algae, Enzyme development, High solids biomass saccharification.

Several novel Thraustochytrids strains isolated for high value lipid co-production of DHA and Biodiesel.

Integrated process development along with Lanzatech, USA by utilizing acetates generated from Lanzatech CO2 gas fermentation technology for production of high value products using Thraustochytrids

Fungal strains isolated/ developed that are producing enzyme titres simillar to RUT C-30 which is commercial benchmark.

Scale up of enzyme production initiated in 10 litre fermenters. Plans for scale up in 150 litre fermenter.

Assessment of Ultra filteration systems for enzyme recycling.

Development of robust yeast strains for improved C6 fermentation.

Scale up studies on algal cultivation and harvesting.

Life cycle assessment of production of ethanol from sugarcane has been initiated. First serious attempt of such kind of study in India.